Themed Entertainment usually refers to a leisure and entertainment property, like a major or regional theme park, water park, a family entertainment center, restaurant, traveling exhibit, attraction, retail or gaming property or even a bowling alley. Theming often implies well-known environments, cultures or eras such as Space, The West, Underwater, The Future, Medieval Knights and Castles and many others.

Rightfully so, the owners of such leisure and entertainment attractions seek to make their establishment unique, fun, and practical, giving their place a sense of a special world.

In creating and designing themed entertainment, the storyline behind the themed entertainment is the most critical aspect of the project’s long term success. If a theme’s story is unsupported and thin, the audience will quickly tire of the project’s novelty and rapidly move onto something else. Just adding a cute character to the project’s entrance with a splash of color is simply not enough. With themed entertainment SUCCESSFUL business means REPEAT business.

For many developers, setting out to create an exceptional themed entertainment or environment is often a dangerous journey without the proper provisions to reach its destination. Some of these provisions include an excellent story to support the narrative, exhibits, architecture, entertainment attractions, music, proper food and beverage selection, art, graphics and other visual aids necessary to communicate a particular theme.

AC guarantees an original theme that considers the project’s location, its people, local and regional history, stories and culture. Each AC project begins with research and creative development allowing each project to sell to the public its unique brand.

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