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Editorial Award for "Her Family/His" column in the Los Angeles Family Magazine
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Chris and Suzanne Shoemaker are reviewing family entertainment and writing feature entertainment stories for publication.   They are currently the Entertainment Editors for The Los Angeles Family Magazine reaching over 1.4 million monthly readers! 

Teaming up with the Los Angeles Family Magazine, they have created a monthly review page, “Her Family/His”.  They provide a point-counterpoint review on a family entertainment experience on current (and hard to discover) entertainment events that parents want to know about.  Each month they will write an entertainment feature page highlighting interviews with celebrities, artists, musicians and exceptional personalities who are influencing popular culture.

Their writing provides a unique “Her’s” and “His” perspective for the family audience.  Their professional careers have focused exclusively on family and children in a wide range of entertainment topics including film, TV, theme parks, concerts, plays, museums and special events.  They have worked together around the world for such companies as Disney, Target, Princess Cruises, Universal, Six Flags Magic Mountain, The United Nations and the U.S. Government.

The Shoemakers own Acts of Creation, an entertainment development and production company that specializes in children’s and family film, television and live shows.  In 1993 they founded the International Family Film Festival (IFFF), the first “exclusively family” film festival in the world and every Spring they continue to produce this rapidly growing festival in Valencia, California (on the northern rim of Los Angeles).  This experience provides them a true “insider’s access” to the entire spectrum of family entertainment and connects them internationally to the world’s leading entertainment producers for the family market.

A review and feature story will be available on a monthly basis on the 15th of each month.  The reviews and the feature stories average between 1,100 to 1,400 words and are available for publication at reasonable rates.  Requests for exclusive projects may also be accommodated.  Send requests for sample reviews to or

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JAN '05

FEB '05

MAR '05

APR '05

Feature Article: "Guest Editor's Note" by Chris Shoemaker

MAY '05

JUN '05

JUL '05

Feature Article: "Preadators in Our Nursing Homes?" by Chris Shoemaker

Nov. '05

Feature Article: "Golden San Franciscan Days " by Suzanne and Chris Shoemaker

DEC '05

Feature Article: "Favorite Claus Family Short Stories "by Suzanne and Chris Shoemaker

Article: "Holiday Calendar " by Suzanne Shoemaker
Article: "The Great Mrs. Claus" by Suzanne and Chris Shoemaker




MAY ’04

Feature Article:  “Filling in the Creative Blanks with Shrek’s Co-Directors” by Chris Shoemaker

JUNE ’04

JULY ’04

AUG '04

SEP '04

Feature Article: "An Olympic Story: John Godina’s Shot for the Gold" by Suzanne and Chris Shoemaker

OCT '04

NOV '04

DEC '04