Entertainment Services

• Concept Design & Development (from initial concept to market) in multiple fields: animation, television, live-action film, themed destinations, merchandising, licensed products, toys, games and books

• Conceptualization & Development of Retail Product Lines

• Copywriting (concepts, story lines, treatments, show scripts, etc.)

• Project Planning and Master Planning of Themed Venues (theme parks, FEC’s, leisure resorts, museums, etc.)

• Live Show Development and Production

• Storyboarding (show & ride design/animation)

• Development and Production of Project Books, Project Concept Brochures, Styles Books, Financial Overviews, Project Marketing and Sales Collateral Materials

• Character Development (creation and illustration of characters for themed venues or animated projects)

• Video Promos & Full Service Video Production (Preproduction, production and post production services)

• Development of Sponsorship Opportunities

• Musical Composition

Design Services

• Corporate Identity & Brand Awareness (name and logo design, service marks, etc.)

• Art Direction and Project Design

• Graphic Design

• Architectural Illustration

Professional Services

• Business Plan Development

• Marketing & Sales Planning

• Website Development

• Corporate Development Workshop Seminars

• Educational Workshops, ages 9 to 99