1. Why should I hire a company like Acts of Creation?

Because AC has a high commitment to personal service and more than 15 years of experience conceptualizing ideas, developing those concepts and taking these concepts all the way to completion. You will not get placed on the back burner or simply become another client placed in a file. AC reviews each client’s needs and goals. If we work together, we will “go for it” to ensure that the project realizes its full potential for success.

2. What type of projects does AC produce?

AC produces a wide variety of projects. Say you want to create a toy line, a live stage show, animation, build a theme park or themed leisure attraction, produce a musical CD, a video pilot for a TV show or a museum attraction. No problem. AC has developed a skilled and remarkably experienced team of professionals to get the job done.

AC also has experience in obtaining corporate sponsorships or funding by government sources for non-traditional and not-for-profit projects. Our company has the experience to create a unique corporate partnership with a project that will develop the project from conception, to design as well as set up production or manufacturing, help it get funded, gain distribution or seek alternate avenues for media outlets.

3. What is a "creative producer"?

There are many types of producers: executive producers, producers (simple), senior producers, supervising producers, line producers, segment producers, series producers, associate producers - the list goes on and on. Each producer has his or her own tasks and responsibilities to complete. A “creative producer” is someone who does not fit neatly into a pre-packaged box, but instead has the flexibility and creativity to take any form of idea, product or conception, and develop it into a media event, toy, cartoon, animation or book. AC, as a true creative producer, is not limited to one format of TV or feature film, but instead has experience in developing product for those media outlets, as well as book, live action, animation and merchandise.

AC defines the producer as the individual responsible to get the job done…and done right. A producer is not a hollow, shallow title or credit for a person who just happens to know someone who knows someone who knows the 3rd cousin removed that helped finance the project. In our view, a producer is the goal-oriented person, a doer, a problem solver and multi-tasker.

When it comes to the bottom line, the producer makes the big and small decisions that will ultimately determine whether a project wins or loses - financially and artistically. AC works with the client to make the thousands of appropriate and sensible decisions that lead to a project’s commercial success.

4. Is AC too big or too small a company for my needs?

This depends on your particular project needs. There is no “too big” or “too small”. Over its 15-year history, AC has remained administratively small and lean - by design. First off, this keeps any overhead costs billed to the client at their lowest, so you aren’t paying for our fancy office space and top-heavy staff. Second, AC has assembled a competent network of entertainment professionals to deliver (under AC’s supervision), superlative and cost competitive production and projects.

You get the very best for your project while paying competitive rates for excellent services.

5. What makes AC different from other companies in the entertainment industry?

AC creates iconic, evergreen intellectual property that is designed to live well beyond our lifetimes.

We learn from our client’s thoughts, add our creative input and check the market’s reality for what makes each project special, meaningful and profitable. All of AC’s projects and productions begin with the STORY. If one does not exist, we create one. An honest story that is relative and compelling drives successful projects.

This simple point of STORY that determines each project’s origin cannot be over emphasized. Without a good story, a full and specific story, the project will be short lived and probably doomed before it ever reaches its market. The STORY is a project’s soul.

AC does not believe in buying entertainment components “off the shelf”. If you go with AC, expect to develop something completely original, impactual and cost effective. The project is proprietary, while the process is collaborative, demanding and fun.

6. What do you mean by the "story" of a project?

Any idea, action, drawing, sound or building tells a story. Life itself is a story. How this story is told, how it unfolds is AC’s business.

Perhaps the best example to describe the spirit and application of these words is Disneyland. Disneyland is marketed as “The Happiest Place on Earth”. Like few other theme parks, Disney creates and delivers on a fantasy world that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a special place...another world. Disneyland has a history, citizens (Disney characters) and a unique character all its own. Through its characters, animation, television shows and its enormous retail product lines and heavy weight marketing efforts, most people are familiar with the Disney story.

In a similar fashion, AC creates from an initial kernel or spark this all-important story that will develop into a business or attraction to be shared with others for many years to come.

7. How do I get started with AC?

Describe to us what you have in mind and what level of a preliminary budget you’ve planned to reach your goals. If your initial development/production goals are not supported by your budget, we can steer you in a proactive and positive direction to determine what level of funding you will need to meet your goals, or how you can rework your aspirations to fit the budget you have available.

Although PASSION is a key ingredient to getting projects off the ground, other project elements and/or strategic partners must be in place to get a project distributed or placed in the market.

AC adds funding and marketing insights to help guide the completion of business plan, feasibility study and marketing plan.

8. How long does AC stay with a project?

It depends on several factors. The size and scope of the project will often necessitate that AC stay with the project through conceptualization till the project’s completion.

For real estate based projects with project budgets reaching in the $100 million + range, AC often services the client on an ongoing basis for a period of 2-7 years.

If the project involves a consumer product, animated series or other non-real estate based product, the relationship might involve 6 months to 3 years. AC’s engagement really depends on the complexity, size, and client’s overall vision for the project.

AC views its work and the Entertainment Industry’s process as a marathon, not a sprint. We shy away from projects promising quick returns or “instant success.”

9. Is AC expensive to hire?

AC believes in delivering exceptional service and a high quality project/product at reasonable rates. AC has strategically positioned itself as a "boutique creative production house" in Burbank, CA, allowing it to draw upon some of the world’s most creative and commercially savvy talent pool of service providers, artists and designers.

AC strives to work with experienced associates that share its "high quality – reasonable rates" philosophy. By out-sourcing support services to compliment AC’s service capabilities, AC passes on significant savings to its clients.

On occasion, AC will advise potential clients of projected costs the developer may not foresee or simply not be aware of. We also consult on the hidden value in licensed proprietary projects.

Producing entertainment is often an expensive proposition – sometimes more expensive than a developer might initially perceive. We believe that certain projects should not be undertaken when a project is either undercapitalized or not correctly conceived for the market and audience it is intended to serve.

In other words, we hate to see potential clients start out on the wrong foot that inevitably wastes time and loads of money. Everyone wants his or her project to win, but building a successful venture one step at a time is the only sure way to guarantee a project’s long term, profitable success.

10. Is AC limited to working in the United States?

We gravitate towards projects that involve world culture, mass consumerism, multiculturalism, economic tourism and indigenous culture as part of a project’s fabric. AC has dynamically and successfully worked across the entire United States and abroad, including Mainland China, Canada, England, France and Japan, among many others. All projects deserve a profound respect for the people that live in the project’s neighborhood as well as a social understanding of any attending audience or it purchasing habits.

Ultimately we are in the people business, and AC enjoys the discovery and challenge of bringing a high caliber entertainment project to any people regardless of the flag they fly.