Once you are on Empire Avenue, here are some road marks to help get you to our offices. Finding your way the first time is a challenge!

1. If you are in the white van, you are now heading West on Empire Avenue with the Bob Hope (formerly Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena) Airport Entrance sign on your right. You will parallel the runway and see the control tower off in the distance.

2. Bob Hope Airport Entrance Sign (Close-up)

3. About 1/4 mile past this sign, you will come to a confusing 90º left hand turn. Do NOT turn left. Go straight ahead and look for the HANGER 3 sign.

4. Turn Right into our parking lot before this 4531 Empire Hanger 3 sign.

5. This is the parking lot. AC has the first 3 spaces on the left side at the end of the lot. If these spaces are full, feel free to use one of the KCAL 9 spaces. That white building at the back obscured by the trees are our offices.

6. YOU’VE MADE IT! You’ll have to reserve a seat for the plane ride. Sorry…peanuts are not included.

7. Because our offices are located at the Airport, we are in a secure area. You will need to telephone us once you reach our door. Open the phone box and dial 847.1182 to announce your arrival.