Treasure Trails
A Live Interactive Kids Show That Highlights Environmental Awareness and Recycling (Age appropriate: 5 - 9)

Treasure Trails™ is an environmental scavenger hunt that wends its way through a school or library campus helping young people gain an appreciation for nature and the importance of recycling. As indicated by the treasure map, each child is provided a simple guide book that directs kids to collect clues along the journey and put them in their collector’s bags.

Led by the daring Jungle Dan and knowledgeable Nature Nancy, Treasure Trails™ is an hour long or longer children's show that tours a school campus, library grounds or other youthful environments in search of clues and curious facts about nature.

This fun and unusual show gets children up and walking on their way as they discover interesting facts about the earth’s composition, found objects along the journey, native plants and more!

Each show includes sing-a-long segments, storytelling, a short Q. & A. session, group dances and hands on experience with reading a real treasure map!

An extended program concludes with the planting of one or more tree saplings on the host’s property. Shovel and saplings included!

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Jungle Dan and Nature Nancy teach the kids
the “Thumbs Up & Listen” Sign

Jungle Dan discusses the Pine Tree

Nature Nancy and Jungle Dan share a Treasure Map

Jungle Dan warns children about rattle snakes. Nature Nancy shares her love.

Nature Nancy hands out seeds

More Map details to share

Nature Nancy shares facts about leaves

“Thumbs Up!” at The Town & Country Farm School,
Newhall, CA