The City of Play!

Built in Norwalk, Connecticut, PlayOpolus is an 8,000 sq. ft. family edutainment center

PlayOpoluS is an interactive, creative play environment designed for both children and adults with an emphasis on fun, creativity, imagination play, and discovery. Based on a fictitious city devoted to play, PlayOpoluS offers a high touch, low tech experience for children ages 4-12.

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PlayOpolus City Guide

PlayOpolus Medallion
An award for excellent citizenship

Metro Alley
A journey to the hands-on-games at PlayOpolus

A machine to remove Earwiks, the PlayOpolus pests

The inventive PlayOpolus Ambassador of Play

PlayOpolus’ pest that speaks trash in a child’s ear to lower self esteem

PlayOpolus’ exuberant Ambassador of Play

PlayOpolus’ lovable animal Ambassador