What People Are Saying

Dear Santa (Chris):

Thank you just isn’t enough to express our gratitude for the “Santa” experience you give to our students each year. You have become the symbol of Santa that our children look forward to and talk about for weeks, even after Christmas.

I know that you have been Santa for other children’s organizations, but the special joy that you bring to our students is so meaningful. With many of our children from low-income households, they have very little holiday celebration. In fact for some, you are their only celebration.

I am always impressed with your interaction with our students. You make them think about character values, not just for Santa, but day-in and day-out.

Chris, you are truly an amazing and unique Santa. Thank you for taking the time to be Newhall’s (Newhall, CA) Santa. We are so lucky to have you since I know how busy you are with the demands of church groups and community events wanting you for their perfect Santa. Again, we thank you for your kindness and generosity each year.
- Sue Harrison, Principal, Newhall Elementary School, April 20, 2004

Dear Chris and Suzanne:

Happy New Year! I hope the holiday season was memorable and filled with plenty of fun with friends and family. I want to thank you both (and Elf!) for joining us at the Calabasas Snow Snow Snow event in December. Over 1,500 residents were able to create their won memories amoung friends and family while participating in the wonderful sing-a-long and photo opportunity you provided.

As an event coordinator, I felt Acts of Creation demonstrated great professionalism while preparing for the program and was grateful for the flexibility and efficiency shown during our tricky day of logistics. As a kid-at-heart myself, I was delighted by the endearing treatment our community members received from Santa’s Family. I loved seeing our residents embraced so warmly and the result was written on the hundreds of smiles we captured during picture time! We had several parents remark on how Santa, Mrs. Claus and Elf made each child feel special.

We look forward to working with Acts of Creation again in the future!
- Aimee Eastman, Special Events Coordinator, City of Calabasas, CA, January 2, 2003

Dear Santa (Chris):

Thanks again to you and Sparky (Tyler) for making Christmas such a memorable event for so many hungry and homeless children on Skid Row. You helped bring hope and joy to some very hurting people, and because of that, you will be blessed. People of all ages love to see the two of you coming down the street, words cannot describe their faces.
On behalf of the entire Los Angeles Mission and the people we serve, thank you again for sharing your love and compassion with others.

We look forward to seeing you again next year!
- Marjorie Crowley, Development Manager, Los Angeles Mission, July 2, 2002

Sponsored by the Signal Hill Library, Acts of Creation Entertainment Company performed The Claus Family Christmas at the Signal Hill Community Center to several hundred children from the library, after school daycare program, parks program, the local YMCA, and community at large for ages ranging predominantly form 4 to 11. The Claus Family performers consisted of Chris and Suzanne Shoemaker. The children’s park director commented they were the most picturesque Mr. & Mrs. Claus to ever grace a stage. With a PhD in Dramatic Theater and a merry twinkle in their eyes, they were the perfect couple to present Mr. & Mrs. Claus. Their performance was simple and yet so mesmerizing to every child in the room, it had to have been scripted straight from Santa’s workshop at the North Pole.

They engaged the entire group in singing, dancing and Chris Shoemaker, as Mr. Claus, recounted his experiences from Clement Moore’s poem, The Night Before Christmas – with an emphasis on the importance of reading. Although he didn’t use a microphone, the children were so attentive as he spoke you could say ‘not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
- Pamela May, Signal Hill Public Library, Signal Hill, CA., December 16, 2002

On behalf of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, I want to thank you for providing wonderful entertainment in the lobby of the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion during our Annual Holiday Celebration on December 24th. It was wonderful to have Mr. And Mrs. Claus back to help us celebrate.

You might like to know that over 6,000 people attended the live performance this year and both the live telecast and the rebroadcast on KCET were widely viewed (over 600,000).

Again, thank you for your contribution to making this a successful and memorable event for so many children and their families.
- Laura Zucker, Executive Director, LA County Arts Commission, January 5, 1999

Our guest clinicians, Suzanne and Chris Shoemaker are the owners of Acts of Creation. They bring to Winter Guard an unparalleled background of education, consultation and creation throughout the World. Their expertise includes theater, dance, performance presentation, voice, writing and an insatiable appetite for creativity and discovery. Their experiences and their willingness to share them with Winter Guard, is an exciting opportunity for our unique creations to be touched by very special forces!
- Winter Guard International, Sport of the Arts, Long Beach Convention Center. November 19, 1994

First, let me take this opportunity to thank you again for working with the State Tourism Office to produce the Performing Arts event at the Seville International Expo. The exposure for Hawaii was beyond our expectations and we are delighted with your more comprehensive proposal for a Statewide Cultural Tourism Project....You have a great deal of empathy fo rHawaii’s culture and arts…Congratulations on a job well done.
- Mufi Hannemann, Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism, Hawaii. March 23, 1993

One of the most outstanding (video) scripts and imaginative approaches to immigrant training submitted over the past five years of the program.
- Office of the Special Counsel, Department of Justice, Federal Government, 1992

Suzanne and Chris have paired up too of the most expansive minds from OSU to create a company that is a joy to behold. They combine the skills of storytelling with a love of performance and an enthusiasm for whatever job is infront of them as the foundation of a concept and design company that should be innovating new ideas in entertainment that will lead us into the next century. These two have never understood the meaning of the word ‘impossible’. They have a respect for research, an eye to detail, and a spirit of imagination.
Bo Brown, Former Chairman of the Department of Theater, Ohio State University

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Shoemaker:

Thank you for playing Santa Claus for the children on Tripler’s wards during the Christmas holidays.

While the giving of time and talent is always a welcomed gift for those hospitalized, the gesture is doubly appreciated at Christmas. Your contribution helped boost the morale of many patients here at Tripler, especially those who could not be with their families during the Christmas season.

Tripler is indeed fortunate to be surrounded by people and communities who show care and concern. Best wishes and Happy New Year.
- Richard E. Meiers, Colonel, Chief of Staff, Dept. Of The Army, Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, January 17, 1990

Dr. Blackburn (Shoemaker) devoted much of her time to the mutual exchange of Theater and Drama with her Chinese counterparts and thus promoting the cooperation between the theatricals of the two countries...It has been a delight to have Dr. Blackburn (Shoemaker) with us as a Foreign Expert for the past years. She has been extremely knowledgable, pleasant and helpful. We learned a great deal from her, and we hope that she will consider coming back and continuing to contribute ideas and energy.
- Tan Rongzhang, Huazhong Agricultural University, People’s Republic of China. July 4, 1988

Mr. Christopher Shoemaker also spent a great deal of time in enhancing his understanding of Chinese culture and he proposed several projects of professional exchange in the field of Theater and Drama with Chinese actors. Xian Film Studio, one of the most successful film producers in China, has expressed their intention of having Mr. Shoemaker as an actor to join in their film producing project.
- Tan Rongzhang, Huazhong Agricultural University, People’s Republic of China. July 4, 1988