NordicAmerica is planned as a regional theme park located in Minnesota.

Based on the rugged yet romantic cultures and traditions of Northern Europe, AC led NordicAmerica's development of intellectual property, entertainment and art direction. The park is planned as a "must stop" destination in the northern Midwest (central Minnesota), pulling additional attendance from the Mall of Americas in Minneapolis.

Eventually covering several hundred acres, the park will present unique opportunities for entire family. NordicAmerica will offer exciting rides, cultural attractions, hands-on activities, nature trails, film experiences, family style and quick-serve restaurants, retail shopping, an RV park and much more.

In addition to these planned activities, winter interaction with Mother Nature will abound! Guests may bundle up to enjoy snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, ice-fishing, snowman building or just taking a walk through the snow covered countryside.

In the summer months, the family will enjoy thrill rides, mazes, outdoor swimming, catch and release fishing, shopping, picnicking and a live Viking show that features a long boat battle!

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NordicAmerica Site Plan

Aerial Illustration of NordicAmerica

The main entrance, NordicAmerica’s Dragon Gates

Lake view of NordicAmerica

Winter Dragon

Children’s Maze Tree house

Dark ride: Fafnir’s Rage

Dark ride Danger

Exiting Dark ride

NordicAmerica Historical Diorama

Entrance to Lake Country

Asgaard Blvd. and the Nordic Ice Castle

Outdoor Dining Lakeside

Entrance to Vinland