Mystique (Sea-Odyssey)
A Musical Theatrical Extravaganza onboard 5 Princess Cruises Cruise liners

Fashioned in a Cirque du Soleil style, Acts of Creation wrote and directed Mystique, an undersea action adventure that follows a deep sea diver’s journey into an unknown oceanic wonderland full of danger, romance and self discovery.

Working with the Great Wall Circus Acrobats from Mainland China, Acts of Creation presented an athletically challenging and aesthetically beautiful world that blended acrobatics, dance, music, combat, magic and inflatable scenery to conjure up a never seen before underwater world.

The drama followed a lost diver as he discovered his love for a forbidden sea princess, battled with her jealous and overly possessive father and made a life altering decision between returning to his life on land or remaining forever in his new world of water.

Mystique was installed in the 5 largest ships of the Princess Cruises’ fleet and was a company and audience favorite.

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Mystique Program

The Diver

The Sirens

Giant Seahorse

Big Fish

Chinese Acrobats

Russian acrobats balance 3 people high

Chinese Poles

Strength Moves

The diver frees a trapped sea turtle