Jack and Jill's Enchanted Caverns
A live interactive show at Six Flags - California

Jack & Jill’s Enchanted Caverns, an innovative live show that simultaneously led 3 groups of theme park guests (children and adults alike) through a rock maze ran seasonally at Six Flags - California in 1994 and ‘95.

Respinning the classic and tragically ending nursery rhyme “Jack & Jill”, Acts of Creation developed a script and produced the show that challenged the audience to meet eccentric characters, collect necessary clues along the journey to answer a mystical riddle, and make an injury healing trip to a wishing well to cure Jack’s broken crown. The show encouraged positive problem solving, audience sing-a-longs and interactive dialogue between the cast and the audience.

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Opening to cave maze

Exterior Set Pieces

Show Attendants & Audience Greeters

A long line gathering to begin the show

Kids pick up the “E” clue with Jill and Mountain Mildred

Line in front of Maze

Press on the Show

Mountain Mildred helps Jill with her bandage as kids look on

Jill and the Tree say goodbye to some new friends

Willy Wall and Jack describe a new clue

The Rock Twins present the “R” and “E” clues

Burly Bear cooks up a recipe!