Daddy Tell Me About…Baseball

An interactive Child-Adult reading experience about baseball, life and values.

AC conceptualizes, co-writes and completes the first book of Daddy,Tell Me About…™ brand, an original sports-themed children’s book series that begins with baseball, the all-American sport. 

The Daddy, Tell Me About…™ brand encourages parents, especially fathers, to read more with their children.  It reinforces a common bond between a child and adult while opening the door to endless conversation and the promotion of increased reading skills and vocabulary building. 

Introducing the “fanatic fan” family of sparrows named The Birdees (Daddy, Bailee, Mrs. B. and their sports announcing friend, Uncle Patter), this book series offers an innovative and fun reading style of assigning one or more characters to each reader to read “out loud.” 

The Birdees live in a nest tucked in the rafters of stadiums and arenas around the country providing them a bird’s-eye-view of the game below.  They have the “best seat in the house” to cheer on the home team!  It’s not about the team for The Birdees though – it’s all about the love of the game! 

The Daddy Tell Me About…™ brand brings families together with action-filled stories while they enjoy reading, life, sports and the winning ways of The Birdees! 

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